music ministries

  • chancel choir

    Our Chancel Choir, directed by Ron Muth, is a 4-5 part mixed choir that sings traditional hymns and contemporary songs at Sunday service from the Sunday after Labor Day to the first Sunday in June. They also perform special Christmas and Lenten Cantatas, which involves chorus, soloists, and orchestra. 

    Membership is open to anyone who loves to sing. If interested, contact Ron Muth at rmuth@roadrunner.comRehearsals take place in the R.H.M. Rehearsal Hall from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm on Wednesdays. 

  • bell choir

    Bay UMC's bell choir performs at various times throughout the church year. They play music that is composed or arranged specifically for handbells. Prospective members must possess an ability to read music, and there must be openings available in the choir.

    Rehearsals are held in the R.H.M. Rehearsal Hall at 7 pm on selected Wednesday nights, mid-September through early May. If interested, contact Ron Muth at

  • summer special music

    Each summer, as our Chancel Choir rests their voices, individuals, duets, small bands, talented piano players -- all volunteers from our church family and our community -- share their gift of music during our worship services.

    A sign-up sheet is placed in the Narthex each spring.  We would be delighted to have you share your musical treasures with us. Accompaniment is provided if needed.

  • the bedient organ opus 53

    Our pipe organ is a treasure. Completed and dedicated on December 8, 1996, it is an organ rich in fundamental sound. Although a contemporary instrument, the organ draws on traditions of 18th century Germany and 19th century France. The organ has two keyboards and pedals. The 30 sets of pipes in the organ are combined into 26 individual stops and total 1558 pipes. The metal pipes are made of an alloy of tin and lead, and the wooden pipes are made of poplar and mahogany. The organ case is made of poplar and mahogany and includes decorative carvings of red gum.