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Appalachia Service project

During the second week of June each summer, Bay United Methodist Church sends about 70 new and experienced youth and adult volunteers to Central Appalachia for a week of service. And each summer they return transformed. 

ASP is a faith-filled, life-changing service experience for youth, college students and adults. Teams spend a week building safer, warmer, and drier homes for those in need.  

ASP 2021

In 2021, Bay UMC sent 28 students and 13 adults to southeast Kentucky the week of Sunday June 13 to do emergency home repairs. Our group was divided into six teams, two adults and five students each. Their goal? To make existing homes “safer, dryer and warmer”. Although Bay UMC has been sending volunteers as part of the Appalachia Service Project since the mid 1970s, 2021 will be our 31st consecutive year of participation. 

In addition to our six teams, two of our members, both college students, are on staff at ASP. Staff members work for ASP the entire summer running a “center” in one of more than 25 counties. Each Sunday a new group of 75 volunteers arrive at the center, and the staff members are responsible for feeding the volunteers, securing projects, and providing materials so the projects can be completed. Jen Herz and Sean Gulley both previously volunteered with ASP, now they get to spend the summer in Appalachia helping to improve the lives of the people living there.


new to asp?

Welcome aboard! ASP can be somewhat confusing if you're new. We promise we are here to help. This trip will transform you.  We have many, many adults and students that will walk this journey with you...step by step.  Below, please find a few links that will get you started. Then ask many as you want. Then join us for an adventure that will strengthen your heart and your relationship with Jesus, forever.

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