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Recently, Pope Francis came out with a statement in an interview which said the church needs to focus, first and foremost, on individual people and their needs. It is only after people know that God loves them and accepts them, that they can then be challenged to live a moral, fulfilling life of faith.


This Pope is refreshing in his outlook. There are many other Christians, whether lay people or clergy, who agree with him and have agreed with this philosophy for a good while. Bay United Methodist seeks to be one of those places where the focus begins with individuals and their relationship with God through Jesus.


Here you will not be ‘preached at.’ You will be spoken to and challenged to review your own walk with God and where God is calling you to go next. Come and join us. Bring your doubts, your questions, your wonderings, and your faith. All will be welcome and blessed. Come and meet the God who already knows and loves you.


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