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In sanctuary, in car (FM 87.9), or livestream via Facebook.

Order of Worship - May 9, 2021

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Bay United methodist church



WELCOME!  At Bay United Methodist Church we believe relationships matter. Strong, stable, wholesome relationships are the basis for a better life, a better home, a better community, and a better world. We all need relationships. This is why Jesus gave us the church. Together we learn to love and encourage each other regardless of what life brings. We offer a shoulder to cry on when you need it, or a genuine cheer when life brings success. Here you will find relationships that will enrich and strengthen your life. But the end goal is to help you find the one relationship that matters most of all: a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and worship with us. The moment you walk through the door you will be the most important person in our midst. Why? Because your presence will enrich our lives as well. We are people very much like you. We are not at all perfect, nor do we pretend to be. We simply seek an authentic experience with God.

Come seek HIM with us. You will be the most welcome among us.

- Rev. Jonathan McCleery, Pastor


Take a moment to enjoy Pastor Jonathan's Midweek Meditation, posted each Wednesday. These short videos (approximately 5 minutes each) provide small, impactful moments of spirituality during your busy week. 



Would you like to get involved with our ministries, but you are not sure how?  Below are this month's ministry highlights.  Check back often to find our other ways to service.


    Be part of our welcoming team.  Being an usher or greeter is more than handing out a bulletin, collecting money during the service or saying hello as a guest walks in.  It is a vital part of our church's mission of living the example of Jesus Christ.  This is an opportunity to be a welcoming presence in someone else's life.  We never know what is truly going on behind someone else's smile so holding a door open, making someone feel at home or simply inquiring about a person's day can absolutely make someone's day.

    Sign up here to make someone's day, each Sunday morning.


    Bay United Methodist Church has teamed up with Marco's in Bay Village to deliver pizza to our city Fire Fighters as a thank you for their service and sacrifice.  It's a tough job that requires being away from family and putting their lives on the line.  Each Friday members of our church hand deliver pizza to our fearless fire fighters. Thank you BVFD! We care.

    Sign up here to be part of this service.

    Do you have other ideas of who can benefit from a meal?  Contact Cindy at and let us know.

  • ASP (Appalachia Service Project)

    During the second week of June each summer, Bay United Methodist send about 70 youth and adult volunteers to Appalachia for a week of service building safer, warmer and drier homes for those in need.  Oftentimes, the joy of receiving is reciprocated as the volunteers learn about hope, family and triumph in adversity. 

    Interested in join us.  Click here for more information.