United methodist Women

Online Auction - 2022

Bidding for items in the UMW Online Auction takes place from Sun, March 27 through Sun, April 3.

We are using the auction website, 32auctions.com, a platform specifically for non-profits. Please take a look, as a preview before bidding begins. 


Bidding is open from noon on Sun, Mar 27 until 8 pm on Sun, April 3. Keep scrolling for important info on how to open a 32auctions.com account.

UMW Online Auction

how it works

Set up an Account

In order to bid on 32auctions.com, you must set up an account by providing your email. No credit card information is required. To learn how to set up an account, print the instructions below:

Account Set-Up Instructions

If you have questions or are having trouble setting up an account, contact Diane McGregor or Jennie Sebrasky by emailing umw@bayumc.org.

How to Bid

Once you have an account, go to the 32auctions.com website using the Online Auction link and choose View Items.

Browse the auction items and click on an item to read the description. The donor's name is on the bottom right.

To bid, click on “Place My Bid.” Enter your bid. You will be notified by email if you are outbid, allowing you to rebid if desired.

payment and Pick up

When the auction closes, you will be contacted if you were the winning bidder. Payment may then be made through the church’s website under Give. (Choose "Donate", scroll down to UMW, locate UMW Online Auction.) Or you may pay directly to UMW with cash or a check.

Once payment is received, non-food items can be picked up after church on Sunday, April 10, between 9:30 am and noon. Food items may be obtained as agreed upon between the winning bidder and the donor.