MOVIES@HOME campaign

To help families navigate several weeks at home during these extraordinary times, Bay United Methodist is offering a Movies@Home Campaign to help you keep faith in your family life. Below find links to popular movie recommendations for family, date, and teen movie nights. With each movie recommendation is a guide that offers insights, questions and advice on how to link faith to your viewing. We pray this gives you and your family opportunities to spend time together while deepening your faith.

Films shape our imaginations and beliefs in powerful ways. Movie Night Chats help families drive faith discussions and sharpen critical thinking skills. Each post describes a film you can rent and provides a few starter questions. Some titles include offensive content so please pre-screen before watching together or stream using a service like VidAngel whenever possible. Then scroll through to find a film to discuss.  

We listed a few movies below. For the rest of the MOVIES@HOME featured in our campaign click HERE

You can also download a free guide to use with any film HERE.


    Truman (played by Jim Carrey) is unaware that he is living on a giant television set and his every action is being broadcast to the world. Every person in his life is an actor or actress, every scene a prop, every discussion a scripted set-up to see how he will respond. As Truman begins to realize that there is something wrong with his world, he seeks to discover whether or not there is a world beyond the one in which he is trapped. Another key character is the producer of the Truman show (played by Ed Harris) who manipulates Truman’s surroundings to make him think it is reality - when in fact it is all a grand deception. 


    Most little girls love the Disney Princess movies. And for good reason. They all reflect part of the ultimate love story found in the gospel and emphasize important themes on what it means to be a child of God and Christ's beloved. Use the following questions and scriptures to point your little princess toward God after watching the princess movie of her choice.


    This 2007 Disney/Pixar film captures the good, bad and ugly of our love affair with food.  The main character of Ratatouilleis a rat named Remy who turns out to be a great chef.  Unsatisfied with the garbage the rest of his family consumes, Remy craves the kind of variety, delicious smells and endless combinations of flavors available in human kitchens.  He eventually becomes the culinary brains behind a clumsy, awkward young cook.  The two create many wonderful recipes on their way to rebuilding the reputation of France’s once great restaurants.


Kurt Bruner of Homepointe give you detailed pointers on how to integrate faith-base conversations about popular movies into your families life. Perfect for at home date nights, family movie viewings or teen/parent bonding.